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Apr 10, 2016 Frame rate is measured in frames per second; “fps.” If your project/sequence is 25 fps, then the shortest duration you can display an image.Oct 13, 2017 From the late 1920s, 24 frames per second has been the standard frame rates used for film, while 30 or 25fps is the standard.Conversion 'conform': 25 → 24fps. The total # of frames 1500 stays the same. Frames are played at 24 instead of 25 (slower). The video speed.The 25 FPS festival shows independent and non-commercial films that does not pay a screening fee for the works selected for the Competition Program.Regardless of framerate. So the 24/25fps versions simply play these exact same frames at a different speed. You still get to see the same 192 frames although .

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