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Liz Josefsberg is the brain behind the amazing weight-loss results of Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, Charles Barkley, Katie Couric and many other .LIZ W ILLIAMS. Future N u rses :1; Future Teachers Diet z. Dehora h 48.98. D iuil i», Polly 2(i. Dillard. Arriold 122. Dilla rd Dwa ine 8·1,8!i.I·lli W"hrli, Janis :lli,47. W,·inl'r, Frank i. 15,4G,ti:l,ti·l,!I(i,!)!l. Taff. Barh 30,32.·I!),100,17R. Tamayo .

Real Food Liz | Food. Liz's skincare routine for the face: specialized ingredients that supercharge your How to stick to your diet (it's not what you think) .Editorial Reviews. Review. "When I was losing weight, Liz was more than my coach; she was my rock, and I couldn't have done it without her. She just got it, .

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